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Ball Screen Offensive System Private Clinic

The game of basketball at the highest levels is played through on-ball screens.  The trickledown effect of this change continues to be seen at the college and high school levels.  There is an advantage to be gained by increasing your knowledge about Pick and Roll basketball.  Coach DeGeorge’s background has been in motion offense.  In recent years, he has made the transition to ball screen offense and seen his teams’ become significantly more efficient.  He has successfully made this change by combining his 20 plus years of college coaching experience with his exposure to top NBA and college coaches and how they utilize ball screens.  He has developed an offensive system of side-to-side ball screen actions that takes advantage of on-ball screening within a concept that flows from side-to-side like a traditional college or high school motion concept.  The structure of the offensive system is only one piece to the puzzle. Having a game plan for multiple defensive strategies and the players developing the skills necessary to attack these defensive strategies is essential for long term success within any ball screen offense.

3 hour Clinic with coaching staff: Coach DeGeorge will breakdown the spacing, timing and flow of the offensive system.  In addition, he will discuss the different defensive strategies teams employ and the reads and skills necessary to successfully attack each defense.  He will cover each of the following:  

  • Hard Hedge / Trap- he will spend time on how to move the ball to take advantage of these aggressive defensive strategies. And the skills necessary to attack these defense coverages off the dribble.
  • Soft Hedge- when the defense guarding the screener stays at the level of the screen to protect the paint, it requires the most advanced skill level to successfully attack.
  • ICE- Common in the NBA, this defensive coverage works to prevent the ball handler from coming off the screen.  Introduction of the step up screen and how to attack the defense will be covered in detail during this segment.
  • JAM- This defense attempts to take away the screener and force the ball handler to beat them over the top.  We utilize a re-screen which has dramatically reduced the teams that use this strategy.  The re-screen will be covered in detail during this segment.
  • Switch- Switching can create problems for on-ball screens depending on your personnel, but we have developed an innovative series to attack switching which has allowed us to be just as comfortable attacking switching as any other defensive coverage.  In addition, the skills required to attack the soft hedge are just as important vs. switching.

In each segments, each defensive concept will be explained, then the offensive reads to attack that defense will be taught.

In addition to this three hour in person (or Skype) session, Coach DeGeorge will be available for follow-up conversations whenever you have questions thoughtout the upcoming season.  This also includes a game film breakdown from this next season.  Coach DeGeorge will watch a film you sent him and then provide feedback about what adjustments/points of emphasis he recommends.

Fee Structure

  • Mike DeGeorge's fee is $250 for the three hour clinic, follow-up questions throughtout the season and a game film analysis.  This is a unique opportunity to not only learn the inner workings of this system of play, but also have in-season unbiased feedback of your team through game film.
  • Any travel/lodging required by Coach DeGeorge for the clinic is an additional charge.
For more information and to set up a clinic, Contact Us.

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